Emily is such a pretty mama to be. I love all of the bright colors from this session and I especially love the tooth shirt because they are both dentists. The gold tooth made me laugh! We did a few more intimate shots but those are not blog appropriate. :) I can't wait to meet this sweet little baby in a few weeks.

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Emily says:

Love the photos Laura! Thanks so much! They turned out so great!

(10.27.11 @ 11:56 AM)
Ashleigh Fehmie says:

Love the photos! Great shoot! =)

(10.27.11 @ 12:05 PM)
Lindsey Maxwell says:

These are great! I love them!!!

(10.27.11 @ 02:50 PM)
Dorothy Tromp says:

Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Love the tooth t-shirt. Wonderful couple waiting for their wonderful baby

(10.27.11 @ 03:38 PM)
katie fogel says:

Love the pics Em! Esp the one with the teeth t-shirt.. you are too cute! XOXO

(10.27.11 @ 06:58 PM)
Amber Sullivan says:

So cute! Absolutely love the "headless" photo. Great job!!!!

(10.27.11 @ 07:13 PM)
Dada says:

Beautiful mom and dad. Great pics! I love the plaid! Can't wait for Xmas!

(10.27.11 @ 07:32 PM)
I met Mackenzie and her mom at the Clarksville Bridal Show in January. I knew I was going to love Mackenzie and her wedding from the second I saw her and her style. Shooting this wedding was kind of different from most weddings I do because Mackenzie and Bobby hired me just for portraits. I loved every detail and this barn out in Dover was just perfect for the wedding. 

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Robert Ward says:

Laura Kay thank you so much for the beautiful photos! My bride is gorgeous!

(10.25.11 @ 07:41 PM)
Kati Hamilton says:

The pictures are absolutely AMAZING! Love them, you did a wonderful job, thank you for sharing them!

(10.31.11 @ 10:08 AM)
Katie and Sean were married on a Friday at Chapel Hill Farms in Pembroke, KY. The little white church was built in 1856 and is surrounded by the most beautiful farm land. I love how this wedding was so simple and so breathtaking at the same time. This is definitely one of my all time favorite weddings. I loved the huge tree with the rope swing and all of the mason jar candles. Katie and Sean's daughter Grace was so adorable and I love it when couples incorporate their kids in the ceremony signifying the marriage of a family. This wedding makes me happy.

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Kathryn Conley says:

LOVVE THEM!!!!!!!! Thank YOU Laura!!!!

(10.13.11 @ 11:17 AM)
Wanda Autry says:

Laura, I absolutely love Katie and Sean's wedding pictures. It was such a joy to meet you and have you a part of this wonderful time. Thank you so much for everything!!!! Wanda

(10.13.11 @ 09:19 PM)
Davalyn Black says:

I have seen alot of wedding pictures. These are absolutely beautiful. You truely have an eye for the awesome.!!!

(10.17.11 @ 01:36 PM)
Anonymous says:

I have seen alot of wedding pictures. These are absolutely beautiful. You truely have an eye for the awesome.!!!

(10.17.11 @ 01:38 PM)
Dasha Johnson says:

Hi! I just proposed to my boyfriend. His parents and grandparents were all married in this church. I am trying to find out how to contact someone to book our own wedding there. Could you help me with this?

(10.25.11 @ 09:19 AM)
Jessica and Bryan's Wedding was really unique. The ceremony was on a moat at Walker Farms down by the river. They both did so much DIY decor for this day. Bryan even built the alter himself. I really love it when weddings have so many handmade personal touches. My favorite part of the wedding was the lanterns. All of the guests had so much fun and they sky was so magical.

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Jessica Heisinger says:

I LOVE them!!!!! You did a wonderful job...as always!

(10.06.11 @ 08:14 PM)
lisa says:

wow! very cool wedding. beautiful pictures.

(10.09.11 @ 05:31 PM)
Jeannie Bryant says:

Beautiful wedding. The Bride and Groom are two beautiful people too. Laura you brought out all the ideals, with the pictures that you took for their wedding. You are a wonderful photography Jeannie

(10.14.11 @ 11:13 PM)
Melissa and Jon are getting married in Virginia, but since they just moved here they wanted to do their engagement session in Clarksville. We went to Beachaven Vineyard and Winery for their session. They were so kind and we even watched them pressing grapes. This was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

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Elise says:

Love love love these!!! So many great shots! Can't wait to see more and for the actual wedding! Love these two!

(09.30.11 @ 03:37 AM)
Anonymous says:

Awesome photos Mel!

(09.30.11 @ 09:02 AM)
Anonymous says:

Awesome photos Mel!

(09.30.11 @ 09:03 AM)
Wanda Ramsey says:

Such a beautiful couple ..... my favorite is number two! You will be a beautiful bride, Melissa. I can't wait to see those pictures too!

(09.30.11 @ 09:29 AM)
Maren Smith says:

CUTE!! You all look great!

(10.02.11 @ 03:33 AM)
Natalia says:

Awh, it makes me so happy to see my sister happy! Y'all are the cutesy things! I love you :)

(10.06.11 @ 04:23 PM)
Natalia says:

Awh, it makes me so happy to see my sister happy! Y'all are the cutesy things! I love you :)

(10.06.11 @ 04:23 PM)
Lourdes says:

Mom thinks the pictures are beautiful! She Loves them all!

(10.06.11 @ 04:26 PM)
cody mcdonald says:

You guys take some great pictures. Miss you guys, hope all is going well! Take care Franky!

(10.08.11 @ 12:19 PM)
Anonymous says:

So very cute! You two are adorable!

(10.08.11 @ 12:21 PM)
Cheri says:

Love the pics! Congrats.Jon & Melissa!

(10.08.11 @ 12:36 PM)
Jess says:

You are a gorgeous couple! Love the pictures :) Melissa complements
Jon beautifully!

(10.08.11 @ 12:57 PM)
Nelson.Francisco@Verizon.net says:


(10.08.11 @ 01:56 PM)
Nelson Francisco says:


(10.08.11 @ 01:59 PM)
Shirley says:

#3 looks like true love and contentment. Beautiful pictures!!!

(10.08.11 @ 02:13 PM)
Nancy D says:

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple. We are so happy for you!

(10.08.11 @ 02:33 PM)
Dennis says:

Congratulations and best wishes, Jon and Melissa! Great photos!

(10.08.11 @ 02:35 PM)
Rachel Prouty says:

Beautiful couple and pictures too. I can't wait for the big day.

(10.08.11 @ 02:41 PM)
Shannon says:

Such cute photos! I love the vineyard setting. The picnic ones are adorable!

(10.08.11 @ 03:14 PM)
Mike Toone says:

Great pics, guys! I'll have to pass the link on to Kim since she can't get on FB...

(10.08.11 @ 04:31 PM)
Robin Webster says:

AWESOME PICTURES!!!!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

(10.08.11 @ 04:34 PM)
Nicole Lawrence says:


(10.08.11 @ 05:09 PM)
Genna says:

These are FANTASTIC!!!

(10.08.11 @ 05:33 PM)
Kelly Green says:

You guys are too cute!! So happy for you! The last two are my favorite!!

(10.08.11 @ 06:56 PM)
Jake says:

Love it! So happy for you guys!

(10.08.11 @ 07:39 PM)
Lauren says:

Love these photos! You two look wonderful. Great idea for photos at the vineyard. Miss you Mel!

(10.08.11 @ 09:11 PM)
Ashley says:

Great pics of a great couple! Congrats!

(10.08.11 @ 09:43 PM)
Sara Jaegers says:

I love the pictures. You look so happy together, and we are happy for you. Love you.

(10.08.11 @ 10:27 PM)
Julia says:

Great pictures!!! The background is amazing.

(10.09.11 @ 07:29 AM)
Anonymous says:

Beautiful couple :)

(10.09.11 @ 07:32 AM)
Kristina says:

I will say it x2, you guys are so very beautiful, I mean handsome, I mean Melissa you are beeeaaautiful and Jon you look so very handsome!

(10.09.11 @ 07:48 AM)
Anonymous says:

Very cute! You two are adorable together!

(10.09.11 @ 08:19 AM)
Becky says:

Love the pictures! The winery looks like a really pretty place. I think the first two are my favorites, but they're all great.

(10.09.11 @ 08:49 AM)
Jess G says:

The pictures are gorgeous! You two complement each other beautifully :) I really like the 2nd and the 6th pictures.

(10.09.11 @ 09:24 AM)
Andrea Seery says:

Congratulations, you two! What a beautiful localtion for a wonderful couple. Keep the Seerys posted!

(10.09.11 @ 09:40 AM)
Anonymous says:

LOVE THE PICS!!! The first and last are definitely my faves!!! So excited for you both!!!

(10.09.11 @ 10:58 AM)
Rachel Prouty says:

Beautiful couple and pictures too!!! We can't wait for the big day.

(10.09.11 @ 01:47 PM)
Tim Darby says:

Very Nice
I think that I like the second one the most and then the last one

(10.09.11 @ 02:05 PM)
Anonymous says:

Great pics!!!!

(10.09.11 @ 02:58 PM)
Christina Cameron says:

These photos are amazing! I love the one by the wine cask. Congrats, you two! :-)

(10.09.11 @ 04:39 PM)
Anonymous says:

Nice pictures!

(10.09.11 @ 05:07 PM)
Genna says:

LOVE! These are great!

(10.09.11 @ 06:45 PM)
Eve says:

Very nice! you two look great! & what a beautiful couple you make!

(10.09.11 @ 07:47 PM)
jennifer says:

beautiful pictures!

(10.10.11 @ 10:46 AM)
jennifer fernandez says:

Wow the pictures are BEAUTIFULL, love them

(10.10.11 @ 03:06 PM)
Beverly Jackson says:

Jon, I love the photos of you and Melissa. You two make a very handsome couple! If you get back to Penscola please bring her by so I can meet her in person. You did a very good job picking her out...she is just as beautiful as you said. Take care and keep in touch. Bev

(10.11.11 @ 04:00 PM)
Anonymous says:

Lovely Couple and Beautiful pictures. Here's to years of life and love together.

(10.12.11 @ 09:46 AM)
Ramona Valdez de Botello says:

the Pictures are beautifull, but the Models are Specials, you two. Love your aunt Ramonita

(10.12.11 @ 02:30 PM)
Edwin Botello says:

wishing you the best. lovely pictures, your cousin Edito

(10.12.11 @ 02:33 PM)
Dayna Haines says:

Cutiest Pictures ever!

(10.22.11 @ 10:45 AM)